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Attacks leading us down dangerous path


October 31, 2019

To The Eagle:

This air of political and cultural turmoil is tearing America apart. I know many want to blame our president. It is not his fault if we, as American citizens cannot tolerate opposing views. The fact is, he was a very admired man until he became president. Hillary Clinton herself said in 2013, she would like to see a man like Donald Trump run for president, because he cannot be bought the way other politicians can.

Mueller’s investigation was expensive for the American people, and the conclusion was that there was no collusion. Yet, Hillary sold 20 percent of our Uranium to Russia, and that is swept under the rug. Now, the Congressional House is holding an impeachment inquiry, that Nancy Pelosi will not hold a vote on. They have refused to allow Republicans to call witnesses or allow our president the right to representation as was given to Bill Clinton, by the Republican Congress during his impeachment process.

The Democrat debates have candidates that all embrace the socialist points that ruined Venezuela, and worse, allowed for the travesties of WWII. The Democrat debates do not showcase an American Flag, which leads me to question what country any of these candidates are wanting to represent. It perplexes this writer, how an American can love this country and the values for which she stands, while also trying to destroy the liberties and freedoms that has lead us to world power in less than 250 years.

I am proud we have a booming economy. I am excited we have set records for lowest unemployment rates, especially amongst women and minorities, and I pray we can unite to stop hating each other.We can disagree. But intolerance of each other and constantly attacking one man and his supporters is leading us down a dangerous path of division.

Jessie Westcott

Puget Island


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