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Thou dost protest too much


November 7, 2019

To The Eagle:

Egads! Gadzooks! The neighborly contretemps over fact versus opinion has at last slipped the bonds of civility, and we stand accused of both uttering untruths and bearing false witness. Exegesis follows:

Hillary’s crimes are real and well-documented, the prime exemplar being her illicit server in which she stored classified material and which was hacked by numerous outside actors. She was investigated by the FBI and exonerated by then-Director Comey who lacked authority to do so. Indeed, the whole fact free Trump/Russia witch hunt was conjured up to hide this and other Hillary crimes. The Pelosi/Ukraine impeachment parody is a bizarre effort to impede the Barr/Durham criminal investigation which will bring those crimes into the spotlight.

The Ukraine whistleblower is an Obama-era intelligence guy, previously worked for Joe Biden, had only hearsay information (proved untrue), and was coached before the fact by Rep. Adam Schiff. He bears no resemblance to a genuine whistleblower.

We all regret leaving the Kurds, but they are an ethnic/cultural group without a country whose native territory straddles the Iraq/Syrian border. We have just spectacularly decapitated ISIS, which was our only mission. And to go back in and protect the Kurds, we would have to go to war with Turkey, who is a NATO ally.

The five agencies and agreements listed as “serially abandoned” by our “executive idiot” were all flawed or corrupt and withdrawal from them was among the many campaign promises that Trump has kept. Calling that a bad thing would fall under the definition of opinion, but it would be ill-informed opinion. Obama enabled Iran to get nuked up and gave them a billion and a half bucks to boot. If anyone is “tantamount to treason,” it’s Obama, not Trump.

Bottom line: Obama/Biden/Clinton made a horrid mess of things. Trump is fixing it. We support it. For our efforts we are branded deplorables, racists, bigots, and liars. The Bard of Avon sums it up succinctly: “Thou dost protest too much.”

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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