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Tax the rich?


November 14, 2019

To The Eagle:

First of all a person only becomes rich if he/she or someone in their family had a good idea or a needed product and went about developing it and marketing it. Which resulted in wealth from exchange for their products or services produced and delivered.

“Tax the Rich” is not a new idea. Even the Beatles had a song about it. “Tax the rich and feed the poor till there are no poor no more.” Nice idea, but…

Why should a person who has managed to gather some wealth be penalized by being required to support those who choose not to work to support themselves?

Even a person with disabilities can generally find some way to support themselves.

Why are there poor at all? My answer to that questions is: Because they choose to be poor and depend on others rather than make their own way, create their own future and supply their own needs.

Penalizing those who have been or are successful in life is not a solution that will last. Nor will it ensure the future of this country as a whole and all its members.

Come on Folks, think “Productive,” not parasitic. Produce some self generated resource, which results in: Pride, integrity and self respect. As well as a good living!

Ben Elkinton



Reader Comments(2)

Betrue writes:

The more I read this post the more I see a simplistic and shallow view of the world. Note I am self made and a first generation college graduate. Honestly I had a lot of luck and social programs that enabled it. I work at Microsoft and part of my job is to ensure that our products are accessible to all people. We still have a ways to go for this, and it is essential to even enable employment for people with disabilities. You see, unemployment is double for this population than for those without

Betrue writes:

Actually much of the 1% own their wealth through inheritance, and/or advantages that others may not have had, like educated or business owning parents. As for good ideas, there are far more good ideas that go nowhere because of lack of money to follow up with them.


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