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Will we get our $30 car tabs back?


November 14, 2019

To The Eagle:

Just a little follow up about the $30 car tab I wrote last week. As we all know, the $30 car tab initiative passed and yet the Seattle mayor threatened the very voters that helped pass it by filing a lawsuit to block that initiative. She also threatened to cut more than 100,000 bus hours and would hamper free bus access for students and low-income residents. What a nice mayor. She and the legislators do not want to think that there are other alternatives such as eliminating unnecessary regulations, fees and taxes to private businesses.

Through the years I remembered the cost of road and bridge projects would cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. Then it rose to the millions and now I read in the Daily News, “the loss of that funding could cost the state and local governments over $4 billion in revenue over the next six years.” Over $4 billion? We’re talking billions now? Again, with all that revenue, you’ve really got to wonder what in hell’s bells they are doing with our money. How is it spent? Who gets it? Where does it go?

Write to your legislators, including the mayor, that you’re angry even though they most always fall on deaf ears and blind eyes and will not respond. Also include in that letter you would like to see an itemized expense report showing as such. I know there is such a website online, we can have access to for that type of information, but I can’t seem to locate it. If you know such a website, I would be grateful for the info. I visualize with wishful thoughts that their office would be piled so high with letters from angry voters they can’t even walk in.

Toni Below



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