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Please don't clearcut the Island dikes


December 12, 2019

To The Eagle:

I love our beautiful Island. One of my favorite things to do is go for a cruise around it. There is a lot of eye candy on this jewel. But someone wants to clearcut our dikes. I find no beauty in that.

Now, I’m no tree hugger, I make a living making paper, a well loaded log truck is a gem and a woodstove can be a good friend. But to destroy trees just because you have been given some authority is just wrong. (Corps: Island dikes need a cleaning).

Why can’t there be some common sense, some compromise? They say the big trees work the strength of the dike as the winter storms rock them back and forth. Okay, then focus on them. But the little ones on Little Island are not hurting, but probably are helping with their roots.

I’ve seen the Corps’ handiwork on Oregon dikes. We’ve all heard “Bald is Beautiful”: Bald Eagle, breathtaking; bald Dwayne Johnson The Rock, sharp; bald dike, heinous.

Come on, we can do better. Before it’s too late let’s find a plan that gets the job done but keeps the eye candy alive.

Danny L. Poe

Puget Island


Reader Comments(1)

Flip writes:

I totally agree with the letter. Well said.


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