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By Meadow Meeder
Healthy Community Specialist 

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December 12, 2019

As a recent transplant to this county, I find myself still becoming accustomed to the weather nuances. It’s enjoyable to me to learn what others consider ‘winter’. I can count quite a few benefits to having a wet winter over a snow filled one, but I can’t stop dreaming of the magic of waking up, looking outside and seeing that white blanket of snow. Ninety five miles south of Lake Erie, where I grew up, is technically on the outskirts of the famous Snowbelt. I remember the blizzard of ‘93 and how my 7-year-old self-thought the entire world must be rejoicing due to the back to back school-cancellations and road closures. We made igloos and luges and tube-tracks and forts and had epic snowball battles, only stopping to run inside, (tracking snow all thorough the house) glug hot chocolate and reposition our damp socks. The grown-ups would always say, “if you’re cold come inside, you don’t want frostbit,” but we never were cold, we were filled with a fiery energy that only the snow can give you. From the blizzard of ‘93 to present day, I have been in love with snow. I can still hear forward motion clothed in snow pants, the indelible whisper of “swish, swish, swish…”, the deafening silence of listening to the snow fall, the rhythmic and celebrated sound of a snow shovel on a sidewalk. Though I have been accustomed to immense, white, drift- I can feel myself gravitating to enjoyment of the selective-ability we have here. When the desire for a snow-day grows too great; there are mountains to visit in almost every direction.

Despite our lack of snowfall, winter is still biting cold- if you need assistance with heating costs this season, take advantage of signing up for LIHEAP at Curling up with a good book is also a great way to beat the chill. The Book Club, which meets tomorrow at the CC, will discuss their latest read Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Brown Bag social group and Book Club are happening simultaneously, so come by the center around 11:00 for excellent company, warm tea and friendly banter.

Also, don’t forget to mark your calendar for Dec. 17th 6:30 p.m. at the Hope Center for our Wahkiakum Outdoors presentation discussing the adventure, danger and excitement of a solo kayak voyage from Alaska to Puget Island.

Now is the best time to join Wahkiakum RAKs, if you haven’t already. The Random Acts of Kindness jar has been overflowing this week- next time you stop in at Patty Cakes, take a moment to reflect on any kindness that you have seen or that you have given, and put it in the jar. Every tiny act adds up and it is incredible to witness.

Thank you, Wahkiakum.

“Nature is full of genius, full of divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.”

--Henry David Thoreau


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