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December 12, 2019

FOGGY--As we begin this work week, we've got plenty of foggy mornings in West Valley, but not a lot of heavy rains like our neighbors to the south of us, so I guess I'll take the damp foggy mornings and drier days, rather than the downpours they've had. It makes you feel chilled to the bone though, so it's definitely time to drag out the heavier sweaters and throw that extra blanket back on the bed! We may see some rain move in by the time you read this, but hopefully it doesn't cause us any serious problems.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Dec. 12-18 are Seth Kuljis, Tom Bosch, Cristina Luthi, Zachary Stewart, Eileen Duffy Tietje, Jim Webb, Toni Johnson, Lynah Bergseng, Ruth Linquist, Sandy Bergseng, Abby Buennagel, Breanna Smith, Tyson Webb Foster, Riley Brown, Kristen Souvenir, Ron Hendrickson, 67ers Elaine Rolf and Sharon Servis.

Celebrating their anniversary this week are Danny and Emma Helms and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Backman. Here's to wonderful celebrations.

FRIDAY MOVIE--We have a Friday the 13th movie coming up, but don't let that scare you away from enjoying a free movie and popcorn night at the Community Center in Cathlamet that evening at 7 p.m. This movie is not rated but is listed as for everyone and is a documentary. For more info, stop by the center at 101 Main Street.

GATHERING--Friends and family of Stevan Morgain are invited to stop by the "Twin Gables B & B" (1416 W. SR 4) this Saturday, Dec. 14, from noon to four, to share stories of Stevan or just come to show your support and comfort his wife, Kathleen, as she deals with her loss. Stevan passed away suddenly at the age of 70 on Nov. 21 at his home. It was requested that in lieu of flowers, a donation can be made to our local Sk. Fire Dept, at P.O. Box 145 here in Skamokawa, 98647. Again, our sympathies to all his family and close friends and colleagues.

FLEA MARKET--It's the last one of the year, but the monthly Flea Market will be held at the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds this Saturday, Dec. 14, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., so come to the Youth Building and check out all the vendors and sellers of all kinds of things.

FOS LAST WEEKEND--The Friends of Skamokawa invite you to check out their goodies in the River Life Interpretive Center on the second floor at Redmen Hall/Central School this weekend, as Dec. 15 at 4 p.m., they will close the doors for the winter. If you're looking for some unique items, from handmade cards, to canned veggies and sauces to artwork and handmade scarves, etc., then head that way ASAP, before you miss out on buying some unique gifts for those special folks on your Christmas list! Doors are open noon to four this Thursday through Sunday. Don't miss this last chance to shop! 360-795-3007.

REMINDER--There will not be any bingo games at the Norse Hall on Puget Island this Saturday evening so that members of the Sons of Norway can enjoy getting ready for the holidays. They gathered last Saturday evening for an old-fashioned potluck to end the year, and they'll be looking forward to another good year in 2020. If you'd like more information about this group, you can contact their president, Jan Silvestri at 360-431-1705.

SAY GOOD-BYE DEC. 16--Many of you will remember Bob and Bev Paul who lived on the west end, and from their time running the Grays River Cafe. You may even have known them from before that when they had a restaurant in Kalama, and most recently, from their restaurant in Longview. After many, many years of being in the restaurant business, and pounding their feet around a stove or a counter, Bob and Bev have opted to hang up their aprons and finally take a much needed break, so, this will be their last month on the job. You are invited to come by their place on Dec. 16 from 1 to 4 and say your goodbyes and wish them a happy retirement, they deserve it! Bob Paul's is located on the east side of 15th avenue, just south of the Safeway store, or across from the Shamrock Tavern.

THINKING OF THEM--We have had a lot of losses in our community lately, and we've also had some folks who have been struggling with health issues, so we want to assure them that we are definitely wishing only good outcomes for them and we're sending only positivity their way. One of those folks we are thinking of is WHS alumni and singer extraordinaire, Laurie Miller as she deals with some health issues, and the other is Brian Elliott who is back home after a stay at the hospital and hopefully he'll stay out of that place for awhile now! Samantha Everest could use a few good thoughts as well, as she's been under the weather, and we hope she's feeling much better real soon.

NICE REMEMBERANCE--A gathering for remembering our beloved Jill Hatier was held at Redmen Hall this past week and was well attended. More and more chairs were brought upstairs and many stood, as they listened to Irene Martin speak of Jill and listened to the music played by and sung by Andrew Emlen and Kyleen Austin. Many others spoke about Jill in the open forum and how they knew her and how they felt about her, and the words that were repeated over and over, were how she brought a quiet and calming feeling to others, and how she truly was a wonderful and gracious person, to which everyone agreed. Maybe her gentle ways had to do with her being a Quaker, or maybe it was just her nature, but either way, I think it's a true testament of the effect she had on people, and how we should all try to leave a legacy like that. She truly was a special person and everyone who knew her, will miss her dearly.

CANDY CANE WARNING--This is the season for those red and white candy canes, and while we like them, one of the ingredients in them is Xylitol and it can be very dangerous to your dog. This ingredient can cause hypoglycemia, seizures, liver failure and it's so toxic, that it can even cause the death of your dog, so please don't let the little kids with candy canes share with their puppy or dog, as it could have fatal results.

20 YEARS AGO--Considering how mild things are here now, I thought I'd remind folks what it was like in 1999 this week, and if you're new here, you'll realize how fluid our weather can be. On Dec 14, after buckets of rain kept falling, the water system alarms went off in Grays River. By the next day, the dike had broken in Grays River and left the pumps and water system on an island. By the following day, Dec. 16, the Grays River water system was "kaput" with no power to it any longer. Slides on SR 4 near County Line closed the road for a couple of days. In Oregon, 150 feet of Hwy. 101 was washed away. A couple of days later, the water main broke in Grays River and tanker water was brought in for Grays River folks to use. This was a disaster! There was much more to this story, which was not good, but suffice it to say, after no action caused a lot of reaction, the moral of this particular story, would be always be prepared, as in case of an emergency, nobody is going to take better care of you than you!

OUT OF THE PAST--This coming week, back in 1949, the week began decently but by the 15th, it began to rain and get cold. By the 16th, it got very stormy and it was extremely cold and windy. On the following night, it began to snow at 11 p.m., so by the morning of the 18th, everything was covered with snow and then it froze. "Beastly cold" was the term used by Elsie Everest! It was an evening to go out to eat at Jim's Cafe and head to the show, "Lost Boundaries" which was rated as being "very good." The Pocahontas group, local Wallula Council No. 45, held a business meeting where the birthdays of Mrs. Katie Lund and Mrs. Bertha Shuster were observed, and Mrs. Jane Akers was the hostess during this social hour. The group held their Christmas party a few days later at the home of Leila Bunn, where they exchanged gifts and had a wonderful time. The big news around the area that week was the search for a missing teenager, Ruth Aberle, who was lost in the woods for four days but had stumbled upon an old cabin on a logging road, which likely saved her life. She was found by Charles F. Smith and his son, Phillip, and the entire area was thrilled by the news of the young lady's safe return home!

In 1959, the week began with good news for Gene Healy as he was officially out of the Navy. The weather was mostly wet and nasty until Dec. 16, when it turned out to be a "lovely" day! Unfortunately, on one of those nasty days, Grandma Elsie's dear friend, Mayme Johnson, took a terrible fall and wound up with broken ribs and pulled ligaments as well as other problems. On the good side of things, Grandma's sister, Jean Shane, returned home that week after spending three months in a hospital. Grandma Elsie had been feeling a bit bum herself but was still busy with wrapping presents, baking bread and enjoying those that stopped by to visit like Leila Bunn and Ellen Foster. She managed to go and see the school musical, which she thought was a "fine performance" and saw that her granddaughter, Kay Pedersen, was wearing her new glasses. All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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