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January 2, 2020

To The Eagle:

Today is Christmas, and I want to wish Happy Holidays to all! Now why the title above? I will tell you why.

I was having an on line chat with an old friend who suddenly mentioned, a bit forcefully, being a “Hard Core Liberal.” That comment was followed soon after by, “For sure! What a s—t show in Washington DC.” These comments got me to thinking.

I hear a lot about what people do not like. But I do want to know how they think it could be made to happen.

This lead to the fact this country is showing signs of being divided internally. And this lead to, Who stands to benefit by having this country at odds internally? To a point of even having family members at odds with each other!

While I could venture a few guesses as to who the who(s) might be, that is not what I want to focus on.

What I want to focus on is: How do we get this country more productive again? How do we get people (all people) working together toward a common goal?

Well, having this whole planet under attack by space aliens would probably get it done. But that is a bit far fetched.

I doubt there is any one answer for the current conditions in the USA. But one thing I do know could help is to focus on the positive. Don’t waste time on what is not liked, (the “S—t show” in Washington DC).

Instead actively work toward what you do want to see accomplished, and work toward doing so in groups not just as individuals, then as nations and eventually as mankind overall.

Here is to 2020 being the best year ever for all of mankind!

Ben Elkinton



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