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Be glad we have a real leader


January 16, 2020

To The Eagle:

The contempt and ridicule from the left is unfortunate and a continuing bleeding wound to the nation's spirit. Democrats have no sense of good civic spirit. They would rather tear our country apart than acquiesce to our overwhelmingly successful president whom they hate. The whining and complaining from many of our senior citizens is especially appalling. Here we have genuine great results and achievements that are derided and belittled by childish "adults."

Fools who roar and harangue about climate change, [the sinking-for-centuries Venice, Italy] are attempting their tired smarter-than-thou act. FYI; look it up. Many of our well educated fellows are members. Aren't we tired of this back-biting and gloomy outlook? Let's cast off the sour outlook and be glad we have a real leader for a change.

Mike Swift



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