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Is Donald Trump a real leader?


January 23, 2020

To The Eagle:

Silence allowed many dictators to continue their brutal regimes. Since we are allowed to have free speech and opinions in this country, thank God, we are also allowed to point out, what we deem to be bad policy and bad behavior. We have a leader, who has a Senate, Attorney General, Supreme Court and ‘personal’ media outlet. This is hopefully as close as it will get to a dictatorship. The Republican states have done their utmost to quell the votes of those they deem to be voting for Democrats. It is paramount to get out the vote this November, and hopefully balance the scales. Sadly too many do not take this privilege seriously.

Sadly, I also encounter many ‘angry’ Republicans, who feel I am ‘spreading hate’ simply by speaking my mind, expressing my mostly fact-based opinions. Seems Facebook is about the worst for that, as I do use it for posting articles from outlets, not only from FOX. I have quite a few tell me ‘fake news’ only to find the same on FOX, then no comment, usually back page news from FOX. I do not hate anyone, love this country, don’t hate Trump, but I disagree with his lack of truth, his lack of coherent foreign policy, his lack of decency, his lack of empathy and his lack of understanding of the effect of his tweets.

I am retired, I served the country militarily and monetarily. I am appalled that someone would call it complaining, roaring and haranguing, from senior citizens, calling them childish, simply for having a different opinion, view and facts not to that person’s liking. That, to me is very divisive, which seems to abound these days.

God Bless America.

Poul Toftemark



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