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Legislators are abusers of power


January 23, 2020

To The Eagle:

The impeachment crisis is ridiculous. Our legislators can’t see themselves that they, too, are liars and abusers of power. The moment Trump became president, they’ve wasted taxpayers’ dollars yearly hunting for excuses when they should be a team working to MAGA. Our past presidents spent billions of taxpayers’ dollars to other countries. Have those countries paid us back? For example: Former President Obama sent billions to Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia for weapons, $225M to Palestine for humanitarian aid and climate change. Yet, America has problems in need of help.

As for President Trump, he negotiated with other countries that in return we make profit. On SS, food stamps and welfare, he repaired the system that’s been abused for not distributing checks appropriately but only to those qualified legal American citizens who honestly need help. The list of what our president accomplished goes on and still, our legislators are obsessed to impeach. Question is, what have they done for us besides acting uncontrollably to impeach?

What’s ironic, while I don’t support his character, Trump was the most popular man; very well-liked by celebrities, professionals and politicians. Now that he’s president, many hate him. Fact is lots of men and women talked “locker room,” even the legislators and presidents. The difference is they hide it, either out of respect or deceit; but not Trump.

P.S.: The reason we don’t hear much of Sharia’s Law is because of President Trump.

Toni Below



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