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Who is right when everybody's wrong?


January 23, 2020

To The Eagle:

Haven't written in a while which another person mentioned to me the other day. It's not that I have nothing to say, it's more like no matter what I say it makes no difference. Preaching to the choir is just that and I find myself better able to be friends, good friends, with folks that are diametrically different in thought, philosophy and practice if I keep my thoughts to myself.

Given that, I still find it just amazing what is going on in our once great nation. I find it difficult to think that America has been made great by poking sticks at racists, neo Nazis and those that support life until a child is born. At which point it seems OK to let it live in abject poverty and deplorable conditions. And heaven help the family attempting to make a better life for themselves by trying to come here. Babies too young to even know their family name are taken and ‘lost' in the system. Seems that everyone but First Nations came from ‘over there' but that is so easily forgotten a mere generation or two later. A case of who is right when everybody's wrong is riding the prevailing winds of our days.

Being recently hospitalized for 52 days brought forth the chance to watch TV which we don't have in our home. Observed the hearings with incredulous and furrowed brow. Why do our so called law makers want to put party over country? Please let me know if you have a reasonable answer. Peace.

James Roberts



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