Are common sense and taste gone?


February 6, 2020

To The Eagle:

Well this past week has revealed that both common sense and taste have fallen into desuetude.

I seem to recall a time when trials had real witnesses and entertainment involved more than scantily dressed women pelvic thrusting themselves around a stage for the entertainment of 100 million TV viewers and tens of thousands in attendance at our recent Super Bowl.

Becoming an old man has made it seem likely that our days of wine and roses are only of historical note and available only in films from yesteryear.

It also seems that half time shows once featured various marching bands from high schools or colleges from around the country. At least the young folks participating in those events had a lifetime memory rather than just another megastar with just another feather in their cap.

Is it sad? I don't know and is beyond my pay grade to make judgement for others.


James Roberts

Elochoman Valley


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