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Need and costs in plan are balanced


February 6, 2020

To The Eagle:

Wahkiakum School District is one of the great institutions in Wahkiakum County. Over the years it has dealt with most of Wahkiakum County’s greatest asset - its people. In the 50’s and 60’s the current buildings were constructed, the exceptions being the middle school and some additions on both sites. My Dad and other like-minded individuals on the school board planned for and supported the bond issue for constructing the “new” high school. Issues of cost and needs and values were pretty much the same then as now. When the structure was built and during the past 60 years this community made one of the greatest financial investments ever!

I felt privileged, for 30+ years, to teach sons and daughters, and grandsons and granddaughters of the original investors in the school, as well as all those who moved into the district and added their support. I can testify to the quality and values of the people of Wahkiakum County. Their children reflected them!

Now we are faced with the reality of upgrading our facilities, which were designed and built for 40 years of service, and have provided 60 years of service. A band-aid approach to fix the problems isn’t a long-term solution and only delays what needs to be done. Typically, costs will continue to increase over the years. So, as the taxpayers 60 years ago faced a choice, so must we. As far as I am personally concerned, the only reason to vote against a bond issue would be purely self interest and that runs counter to the belief system instilled in me from childhood. We were taught to love our neighbor as ourselves and this is one of those real, tangible opportunities to do so.

It is rather astounding to look at change education has brought to our lives in the past 60 years. Wahkiakum School District has played its part in developing student skills, abilities, teamwork and leadership. I believe the school board, concerned community members and school personnel have developed a feasible plan that balances need and costs at this time in developing this bond issue.

No one can tell what the future will bring, but my wife and I will bet on optimism and believe that today’s and tomorrow’s students will find answers for problems and move the world forward as the Lord intended. We urge you to vote for the school bond issue!

John and Pam Doumit



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