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School bond is proposed thievery


February 6, 2020

To The Eagle:

The jackass party has done it [the Iowa fiasco] again. Blame the Russians, anyone? It proves that it has no claim or right to govern our nation. Go away sore losers, poseurs, fools. Take the pussy hats off and think for once. You bad-mouth your fellow citizens and its traditions. You deserve all the derision that your infantile behavior begets.

One more; 34 million dollar price tag for a new high school? A fantasy. Who is going to be able to afford this nonsensical and onerous burden? 1700, 1800 property tax payers in this tiny county? And we want to punish ourselves with incredible debt? I never voted for the dizzying taxes when I lived in LA, and I refuse to submit to this proposed thievery. Let the kids bus to Longview, or better yet fix the existing school at Johnson Park. Use your brains and quit pushing the residents out with your half-baked tax demands.

Mike Swift



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