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Lack of solid school system forces people out


February 13, 2020

To The Eagle:

I found it incredibly ironic of the author in last week’s Letter to the Editor in The Eagle to advocate busing our students to Longview rather than spend new tax dollars for a school modernization.

I know we’re all struggling financially but:

- Has he considered we’re at least getting something of great direct and indirect value for our invested dollars?

- Has he considered that under the new tax code the Trump administration initiated that we’ve added trillions (T) to our national debt? I doubt he’s done the math what 24 trillion dollars divided by 350 million citizens comes to for his share of this national debt.

- Does he realize the biggest net beneficiaries of these Trump tax plan deductions (70 percent estimated) are companies buying back stock, and increasing their dividend payout percentages?

It’s clear to me last week’s writer obviously never went to school in Wahkiakum, and doesn’t have any young children. It’s also clear he doesn’t understand how a lack of a solid school system will force people out of a community quicker than an increased tax to support one. He also doesn’t obviously understand how not having a competent school system will ultimately drive down property values.

Has it occurred to him as a proud, self acclaimed Trumpster that at least he’d be getting more for his percentage of a debt supporting a community school system than supporting Wall Street?

Bill Wainwright



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