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Public town hall debates needed


February 13, 2020

To The Eagle:

WSJ, 01/28/2020; “US Natl. Debt Will Rise to 90% of GDP, by 2030, CBO Projects.” Due to tax cuts, which mainly benefit wealthy Americans, and excess federal spending. But Republicans claim to be the party of financial restraint.

The US is on a chaotic course of fulfilling the Trump’s whims. But give Trump credit, he is working to divide the country, promote white nationalism, and deface (humiliate) democracy. He does work to promote discrimination at all levels of society (culture wars). He and his team deny women their reproductive rights. He and fellow Republicans work to decimate and neglect the environment. Their solution, plant one tree.

He will and continually insults and humiliates any and all (nationally, internationally and even the youth). He continues to disgrace and belittle career officials in all branches of government and finds his solace, leadership and our country’s direction from some of the world’s despots (Putin and Kim Jong-un) and FOX TV personalities. He flaunts nepotism to use the office of presidency for his personal gain (emoluments). He employs his abject business corruptions skills to financially burden a nation (WSJ, 1/28/20).

His judiciary appointments are ideologues that will implement and enforce laws in subservience to his aforementioned whims. He keeps the NRA in control of guns. He panders to evangelistic leaders to endorse him to their flocks. To decide, is Trump a liar or pathological liar? When Trump is gone, whom will we find (Republican and or Democrat) to bring back balance and put America back together again? The only response from the Trump party and like-minded can offer is, “but, we are making more money.” As indicated, at what expense?

While I am sorry to offend some, Trump really offends all. But I still value information, facts and discussion. I invite Brawn, Swift and other like-minded to debate Trump’s agenda, his indiscretions and topics raised in this letter in a few public town-hall debates before the November election.

Dennis T. Gordon

Puget Island


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