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The Baby in Chief is a cause for concern


February 27, 2020

To The Eagle:

There is something terribly wrong in Washington DC. Namely the Senate, Congress and the White House. Partisanship, I don’t think, has ever been this horrible; could I be wrong? The head of our country’s security comes to Congress to let them know what is going on, and then Trump’s snitch, Nunes, runs to the White House (again), and tells that a report not favorable to Russia and Putin was given. That in turn creates a Trump tantrum, and he immediately fires the head of intelligence, then installing a temporary (among many temps, without Senate votes) inexperienced yes man.

Meanwhile Mitch McConnell is blocking votes on election security bills, voter rights bills and similar good bipartisan bills. We are getting closer to "peace" with the Taliban, while they go on killing. We left our Kurdish allies, who are, as I write, being slaughtered by Assad, Russia and Turkey.

But my biggest concern, for this country I love, is Trump. Trump was given the green light, after his Senate acquittal, so that he can do whatever he pleases with no repercussion. Sadly, he has the Republicans (by name only), in the Senate and House so scared of him that they dare not speak. Now the same goes for the rest of government, as he now has installed temporary yes men in almost every sector, doubt me? Look it up!

This is how dictators are born! I pray it will be stopped in November. It has to be a decisive vote or he will have it tied up in court for years. Most Republicans say it can’t happen here, and I hope they are right, but I see too many steps in that direction.

Poul Toftemark



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