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Let's keep the debate within these pages


Let’s keep the debate within these pages

To The Eagle:

After Dennis Gordon’s serial stentorian stipulations for a debate, let the contestation commence with the caveat that it be here in The Eagle, for more public participation, and also to keep us physically out of the public square, safe from the coronavirus, the latest pestilence unleashed by the dastardly Trump. Further allure to debate is the fact that so many of the assertions in his challenge are so eminently debatable if not downright dubious.

We alleged deniers acknowledge that the globe is warming and has been for several thousand years with a pause from 1300 to 1850. The enviros not only missed this memo, but also have the science wrong-side-out in that the extra CO2 is more likely a result of the warming rather than the cause. The warming better correlates to sun spot activity and solar cooling cycles known as “grand minimums.” The Maunder Minimum was from 1645 to 1715 in the midst of the cooling period mentioned above. A new minimum period is forecast to start this year. If it does, Obama will take credit. If it doesn’t, Greta Thunberg will blame Trump.

CO2 itself is beneficial, having contributed to huge increases in both mass and longevity of forestation. So, we don’t really need to reduce CO2; nonetheless we are the world’s leaders in doing so. Despite this, Oregon’s legislature is pushing a carbon “cap and trade” bill that caps nothing and trades nothing but slaps a crippling fuel and energy sales tax on Oregon’s businesses and consumers, while doing absolutely nothing to reduce carbon or improve the environment. Republican lawmakers have walked out, and log truckers have jammed Salem in protest. Chaos reigns.

Absent further defense of Dr. Robinson (since it’s falling on deaf ears) we’ll just refer everyone to the website of his newsletter, Access to Energy, to which I’ve subscribed since he became publisher in 1993 – 27 years of documented science fact. A final observation: although Robinson is indeed a scientist and a Christian, Dennis’s reference to him as a “Christian scientist” sounds suspiciously like a patronizing pejorative.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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