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We do indeed live in interesting times


March 12, 2020

To The Eagle:

Starting to look like wash and repeat yet again. Just like 2016 when the DNC basically threw Bernie under the bus even though he had huge crowds at his rallies and quite possibly would have prevailed in the general. I'm beginning to not only think it but am ever more convinced that the DNC would rather see Trump in than Bernie. After all, the RNC and the DNC are both feeding from the same trough and every few years shoulder each other out of the way for their turn.

Even though nearly every country on earth has single payer health care it seems that they haven't collapsed from it. Folks here don't seem cognizant of the fact that we already depend on socialism for many of our services. Can you say fire departments, police departments, nation wide highways? How about public radio? CDC? All are socialism at it's finest. Interesting is that even though all our political leaders have single payer health care it is considered too radical for we ‘little people’. All it needs to be shot down is to call it communism and those that don't understand the difference are against it. Proving again that if a lie is repeated often enough it becomes ‘truth' to those that want to believe it.

A friend of mine gave me a book titled ‘The Case For Trump.' I read it front to cover and suggest anybody that wonders what happened in 2016, and might very well repeat later this year, should read it.

We do indeed live in interesting times. I find myself in agreement with Mike Swift and Paul Schreiber which is unusual in itself. Both gentlemen wrote letters in regard to the school bond measure which mercifully failed. Not sure about them but not everybody has the kind of money that others do and could ill afford the additional tax burden. Gilbert Vik also wrote a letter stating the obvious. Nice to know I'm not alone after all. It is a wretched taste to be satisfied with mediocrity. Peace,

James Roberts



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