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Amidst trials, heroes will arise


March 19, 2020

To The Eagle:

We are headed off to battle. It’s the beginning of a war against the virus. And much like wars we’ve fought in the past, each person has a part to play in this one. It is going to take sacrifice on the part of everyone. Is it fair? No. But it’s the reality we’ve been dealt. Social distancing is the key to slowing a virus enough that maybe, just maybe, the health system might be able to keep up with it. Nobody wants to give up getting together with others. But by doing this, we are helping not only ourselves, but others.

Remember that people can be symptom-free and yet carry the virus and be infectious. Remember that the virus can survive a while on surfaces. The infected person may be gone, but the virus lingers.

Small businesses will be hurt. The economy will suffer. People’s bank accounts may shrink or be drained. It is likely we will all know people who get the virus and possibly people who will die from it. People will suffer depression from the isolation. Parents will be stressed with the kids home from school. If your marriage was on the rocks before the virus, more togetherness may make it worse. If you’re managing medical problems, it just became more scary and complicated. Nobody wants to set foot in a hospital or clinic right now if they can avoid it.

But amidst all these trials, heroes will arise. We have people who won’t have the luxury of working from home, who are interacting with the public every day – the people at the grocery store, the pharmacy, the gas station, the clinics, law enforcement and corrections, other county workers, and our volunteer firemen and EMTs. They voluntarily increase their risk to serve the rest of us. They show up every day in the face of risk. Give them your thanks, much as you would thank someone for their military service. They are a critical part of our vital infrastructure that we will rely upon as this virus almost certainly becomes worse.

If ever there was a time for kindness, patience, and putting others before ourselves, this is it. I believe in the goodness of people. Every day I see evidence of people going the extra mile to help others. We have a wonderful community of people who genuinely care about each other. We tend to focus on the flaws, which certainly exist. But the good far exceeds those flaws. Our goodness is what will help us make it through this battle. These are extraordinary times calling for extraordinary valor.

We are facing very difficult times ahead. I know the people of this county are up to the task. You will handle it with love, compassion and dignity.

I believe in you.

Scot Roskelley

Puget Island


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