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Socialism is the goal of enviro mob


March 26, 2020

Socialism is the

goal of enviro mob

To The Eagle:

Three weeks and three letters into the Great Climate Change Calamity debate, we have yet to hear from the debate’s instigator (perp?) Dennis Gordon, though we have heard from a couple of others on closely related subjects: James Roberts on the success of socialism and J.B. Bouchard on the glories of regulation and the EPA. Significant because socialism is the goal of the enviro mob, and the EPA has acted as the artillery division in the weaponization of the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species legislation, and various climate treaties and accords in their march toward this goal. It’s pretty easy to abnegate their arguments with a single simple stark statistic: One hundred million deaths.

The classic definition of socialism is that the state owns the means of production, and, according to Marx (Karl, not Groucho) the state will then wither away to be replaced by a worker’s paradise, a “dictatorship of the proletariat” called communism. So socialism and communism are one ball of wax, and leaders, like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Castro felt compelled to help the march toward paradise by terror, starvation, execution, pogroms, gulags, and other educational experiences. The Black Book of Communism, published by the Harvard Press in 1997, summarizes all these activities, arriving at the total of one hundred million deaths in the twentieth century.

DDT had eliminated malaria in Europe and North America and drastically reduced it in sub-Saharan Africa by 1972 when the EPA banned it, after which malaria resumed epidemic proportions in Africa causing one hundred million avoidable deaths, mostly blacks and mostly children. A quick trip to the internet will provide verification of those numbers, and also arguments questioning their amplitude. Nonetheless, they are illustrative of the chilling and killing effects of both regulation and socialism.

Fast forward to right now: Our president’s abridgement of some regulations has allowed quick breakthroughs in treatments for corona virus in the private sector which would not exist in Bernie’s socialist state or AOC’s Green New Deal.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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