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A small cluster of cells or a living senior?


To The Eagle:

Hmm, right to life? For who? A small cluster of cells that may at some point become a person unless the mother has a miscarriage, or a living breathing senior citizen?

The low watt governor of Texas is willing to throw seniors under the bus to maintain the economy. Sweet. The dichotomy is striking in its duplicity.

Here's a great idea. Why doesn't this religious nut throw his mom, dad or himself under the bus sparing the economy for those of us with more than two brain cells frantically trying to justify the stupidity he sees in the mirror.

I find it frightening to think that there are those that prefer money over life, the life of others but certainly not themselves. Please tell me you don't go to church or claim Christianity if this seems to be a good idea to you. If this is the case, I pity you.

My conservative friend, Howard Brawn, laments the loss of possibly 100 million people due to stopping the use of DDT. My question to him is, where does he think 100 million more people would be welcome? Considering that the countries he mentioned are already over crowded and for the most part poverty ridden, maybe more refuge camps appeal to him?


James Roberts



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