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Local leaders show common sense


To The Eagle:

No response from the challenger in the Climate Change Calamity debate, so we’ll give it a rest for awhile, after pointing out that the people producing pandemic panic are using the same tactics that the enviro crowd uses to produce doom and gloom scenarios about global warming: computer modeling, which is very much subject to GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out). Based on supposition rather than hard data the dire predictions never come true, so enviros avoid embarrassment by moving their melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and burning deserts off into the future, and then moving them back closer for political purposes like the AOC and Thunberg gangs have done recently.

Imperial College in London came up with a projected virus death toll of 500,000 for the UK, but then finding out that we commoners were doing logical things like social distancing and restricting travel, had to quietly back the estimate off to 20,000 deaths. President Trump, ahead as usual, quietly corrected initial errors of the CDC and NIH, and got them aboard along with private industry, into a well-oiled machine to deal with the crisis, and his daily briefings, which include this group, are the best source for both information and inspiration. Mainstream media has, of course covered this poorly, but it is readily available on talk radio and Fox News.

At other levels of government, our congressional leaders failed by allowing the dems to turn the president’s modest request for a few bucks for working folk into a two trillion buck environmental and social pork barrel, and the governors of Washington, Oregon, and New York have displayed breathtaking incompetence. Happily, our local leadership (and businesses) have responded with common sense and good information, for which we are thankful.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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