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Darrell Alexander


Getting Rid of Boredom

As the days go quickly by and the virus that has kept us home is making its way across the world, we shelter ourselves for protection of ourselves and our loved ones. We start to think of different ways to fight the boredom of being isolated for so long with nowhere to go and nothing to entertain us. Some will find some solace in watching the television, surfing the internet, reading The Wahkiakum County Eagle and countless other things. At least you can start a garden (maybe a bit early), take walks on your property, or go for short drives. If you are a musician, then taking the time to play relieves stress and makes the blues go away, unless it is the blues you are playing.

There are so many things you can do at home that it's a wonder that some still get very bored with their new routine. If you are that bored and can't come up with anything new to do, then I have a few suggestions that may or may not help, but you may still find quite entertaining.

I had a friend who was so bored he read the dictionary. If you are multi lingual such as me, you can read the dictionary in Spanish, French, Greek, or your own preference. Reading the Bible in a different language not only gives you a different perspective, but it works quite well in fighting the boredom bug.

You do not have to limit yourself to the dictionary or Bible. Phone books are a good source of reading material and let you know who your neighbors are if you don't already know them.

There are the legendary games of watching paint dry, but the weather has been so rainy. Watching the grass grow is over rated, especially if you have a lot of acreage. Now with the blooming of flowers, it is especially nice to peruse them for their beauty. I have early daffodils blooming and they are just wonderful to see. If it is not too cold for you and it stops raining, then take a look at God's creation and be thankful for what we have been given to make the time pass peacefully.

I know there are many of you out there who are artists or artist wannabees. This is a great time to hone your skills or find new ones. At the last art show at the Grays River Grange, I witnessed firsthand the talent that is right here in Wahkiakum County. There was one particular painting of a mountain landscape that is still fresh on my mind. I wish I had the money to buy that beautiful work of art. I was, however, given a very inspiring painting by Kristo Novoselic that I peruse everyday while I work at my desk. That painting is a constant reminder of the wonderful people who reside here and continue to be a blessing to this great community. I realize that there is more to do than meets the eye, but be safe as you are getting rid of boredom.


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