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A big fat thank you


To The Eagle:

I feel comfortable speaking for all of us here in Wahkiakum County when I say thank you so much to all of our neighbors that are at work keeping the stores, gas stations and other businesses open.

A thank you is really not enough but I know we all truly appreciate and respect what our police, firemen and ambulance crews are doing every day.

I would like to point out something we seem to forget: How important every working person is and how much respect they deserve for what they do every hour and day of the year.

You shouldn't have to be a doctor or airline pilot or in some other high position to be respected and appreciated, this now is a time where you really are grateful for stores and other businesses being open to provide the very necessities of life, let’s be honest with ourselves; we took a lot of people and businesses for granted.

So let’s give a big fat thank you to the every day folks that go to work without fanfare or cheers from the crowd to provide us all with the things we simply cannot live without for these are the people, the real heroes that make everyday life so livable.

This should be a lesson for us all that all work is important and honorable and those doing it should be respected and appreciated. I seem to remember my mother telling me this often and I am so sorry I forgot that for even a moment; I promise I never will again.

Paul Schreiber



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