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Free education 'loans' for illegal aliens


To The Eagle:

The March 26 Eagle showed the recently passed SB6561 which provides a student ‘loan’ program for illegals. I say free because 44 percent of loans given to legal American citizens go unpaid. What’s the chance those given to illegal aliens will ever get paid?

This is at a time when this same legislature has been in violation of Article 9, Section 1 of the WA State Constitution which mandates that the legislature pay for school construction, maintenance, and salaries. The legislature has been fined $100,000 per day since 2015 for being in contempt of a State Supreme Court order to fully fund schools throughout the state.

This fine came to an end in June, 2018 when the legislature finally agreed to comply with the constitution and fully fund schools.

Side note: so why is our school trying to push a bond issue for school construction?

The bottom line: our legislature is still behind in funding our schools, but have no problem funding college education for illegal aliens.

I am not a Trump fan, but the Washington legislature is controlled by the Democrats. These are our Blue buddies who have been putting the screws to our children and our schools for years; thus, creating a double taxation situation when local districts push bonds. I say double taxation because the state has already collected taxes from us to fund schools; they’ve just been spending our school bond money on giving tax cuts to the big corporations in Seattle.

Another BTW – Senator Dean Takko just sent out a postcard this week bragging about “Providing college scholarships for those who need them the most.” He didn’t mention those in need the most are illegal aliens! Got to wonder, how many of our legal citizen’s children are not getting a scholarship because they ‘don’t qualify.’

David Newton



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