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We need to clean up after ourselves


April 23, 2020

To The Eagle:

Talk about global warming; not much we can do when dealing with Mother Nature, but to go with the flow.

It’ll be hard to limit autos, trains and planes unless we want to go back to the days of horse and buggy. On industries, instead of thinking big money, the CEOs should with a conscientious mind find ways to make their plant environmentally healthy and dispose of toxins in a proper manner, not sneakily.

Although this next topic is not about global warming but it does have a lot to do with our planet; and that is people throwing trash out the car window or trash flying out of the back of a pickup, or into the rivers, oceans and trails, littering the very beauty our higher power created and given to us. Why would anyone do that to our higher power is beyond me.

It should behoove us to recycle. Like Kay pleaded, let’s all empty into the recycles for what it is, not garbage. It should behoove us to find ways to limit the use of plastica. When shopping, ask for paper bags or buy a few canvas bags and use them to pack your groceries and other things in. Remember the days of glass bottled milk and pop? How they tasted so fresh. In fact they stay fresh longer, even leftovers. Test it for yourself. Too bad most all of the food and drink products are in plastic instead of glass.

Let’s make ‘global warming’ a job for each and every one of us, children included. Even though we have garbage crews to pick up garbage, still it is our responsibility with the hope of a positive attitude to clean up after ourselves. By doing so, not only would we feel good doing it but we include all creatures great and small can live a healthier lifestyle and our higher power can smile on us for trying. Kudos to all who are compassionate to keep our Earth clean.

Toni Below



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