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Virus probably not developed as weapon


To The Eagle:

Although COVID-19 was probably not developed specifically as a weapon in Wuhan Virology Labs, we do know that it was studied there with supporting funds of several million dollars from our own CDC, and when it did get loose, the ChiCom government vectored it effectively by shutting off internal travel with the rest of China, but launching unrestricted international travel, then lied about it, and propagandized it through their mouthpiece at the World Health Organization. Results: 75 percent of the deaths have occurred in the neighborhood of only six “targets”: New York City, London, Paris, Brussels, Madrid, and Milan. Nearly half the U.S. deaths are in New York. China, meanwhile, is fully back in business.

Despite President Trump’s swift and decisive actions, the progressive crowd hijacked portions of the response using wildly inaccurate computer models, and the various governors broke new ground in the identity politics game, establishing two new groups of people and businesses: “essential” and “non essential,” consigning the majority of us to the latter. Rather than left to make our own common- sense decisions as to social distance, protective gear, and defensive behavior (like Sweden), we have been locked into our homes and out of our businesses, and the economy is rapidly tanking.

Meanwhile, the congressional crowd has managed to loot the treasury on behalf of their progressive cronies, while efforts to get a few bucks worth of relief into the hands of the common man have been lost in the machinations of inept state bureaucracies. All this under covering fire by a vituperative and mendacious mainstream media. So the battle to save lives and country has turned into the citizenry led by the president versus congress, media, and a lot of the rest of the government.

A quote from philosopher Mark Steyn: “Tyranny is always capricious.”

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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