Candidates finish filing for election


Candidates finished filing for 2020 elections last Friday with Wahkiakum County set for two races for positions on the county board of commissioners.

As of Friday, filings included:

County Commissioner #1, Mike Backman, incumbent, Independent, and Lee Tischer, Independent. Backman is running for his third term, and Tischer is a present member of the board of commissioners of Wahkiakum Port District 2 and a former member of the Wahkiakum School District board of directors.

County Commissioner #2, Dan L. Cothren, incumbent, Independent; Tim Lawry, no party preference.

Wahkiakum PUD Commissioner #1, Gene Healy, incumbent, non-partisan.

US House of Representatives: Jamie Herrera Beutler, incumbent, Republican; Carolyn Long, Democrat; Martin Hash, no party preference; Davy Ray, Democrat.

District 19 state senator: Dean Takko, incumbent, Democrat; Jeff Wilson, Republican; Wes Cormier, Republican.

District 19 representative, position 1: Clint Bryson, Democrat; Marianna Everson, Democrat; Jim Walsh, Republicant incumbent.

District 19 representative, position 2: Brian E. Blake, incumbent, Democrat; Joel McEntire, Republican.

Pacific/Wahkiakum Superior Court: Donald J. Richter, incumbent, non-partisan.

State Supreme Court, position 3: Raquel Montoya-Lewis, incumbent; David Larson no-partisan.

State Supreme Court, position 4: Charles W. Johnson, incumbent, no-partisan.

State Supreme Court, position 6: G. Helen Whitener, incumbent, Richard S. Sems, non-partisan.

State Supreme Court, position 7: Debra L. Stephens, incumbent, no-partisan.

Precinct Committee Officers

Steve Puddicombe, Democrat, Grays River precinct.

Vicki Bucklin, Democrat, West Puget Island precinct.

Susan O'Connor, Democrat, Skamokawa precinct.

Hans York, Democrat, Elochoman precinct.

Deborah S. Lincoln, Democrat, Columbia precinct.

Scot Roskelley, Democrat, East Puget Island precinct.

Jessie Westcott, Republican, West Puget Island precinct.


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