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Facts VS pot shots


To The Eagle:

Well, I had the time to read the liberal gentleman from the Island’s letter in the paper in which he misrepresented my last letter to the editor, clearly he must have been reading someone else's comments while critiquing mine.

The assertions he made about the points I was making of course were wrong but one thing you can say about him is, he is consistent and wrong most of the time.

I must say unlike some people, that don't mind having their constitutional rights taken away by a politician in Olympia, I most certainly do.

The point of my letter the liberal gentleman misinterpreted was simply this: We don't need anyone telling us how to live, work and take care of each other. We, the people, have been doing it all our lives.

Now, I can understand how some people will allow their rights to be decided by government as these folks think government is the answer to their prayers and the provider of all things necessary to live.

I served in the US Army for three years, 1967 to 1970, to protect the rights I will never give up while I can still breathe and whether you served or not, never give up your rights, they are what keep you free.

Now, I ask anyone that feels the need to misquote me or misrepresent my letters to the editor to debate me in public over this issue or any other I feel strongly about, anywhere, anytime. That is if you haven't given up your right to free speech along with all the other rights you have given away.

If you don't want to debate and just want to take pot shots then keep this in mind: You can't sink a battleship with spit balls.

Have a nice day.

Paul Schreiber



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