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Trump wants to be king of the jungle


To The Eagle:

To goose the economy, our Stable-Genius-In-Chief says it’s time to shed the regulatory structure of our industries and institutions. This very thing has been suggested by a conservative sage at this location in a past edition.

Why? Because he posits that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may well be a nest of proto-Communist sleeper agents. Holy mackerel! How could I have not seen this?

Apparently the EPA and other regulatory agencies share the same hidden agenda of shackling our society in the chains of Socialist slavery. It’s been happening right under our noses.

Consider: Our elderly and impoverished are slavishly dependent upon Social-ist Security checks. The deadly spectre of socialist medicine thrives within the VA medical system. Soon, the entire country may be in thrall to Social-ist healthcare! Worse still are the fiendish social-ist webs spun by Medicaid and Medicare.

Especially heinous is our social-ist safety net with its social-ist programs sustaining the lazy undeserving poor, elderly, sick, useless, helpless and hopeless who overpopulate our Socialist ‘worker’s paradise’ run amok!

Our white capitalist oligarchy is under vicious assault by a Deep State Socialist regulatory conspiracy that has infiltrated our banks, industries, institutions, and cafeterias.

Resist those godless regulatory villains and their useless, expensive, liberal, progressive environmental, health, safety and financial restrictions that onerously interfere with the profits of poor, downtrodden health insurance companies and Wall Street financiers.

Make way for the great unregulated Corporate State, a venture capitalist’s jungle where billionaires can embrace their true nature, red of tooth and claw. Where the wealthiest, the biggest and the strongest can wield their power without restraint, accountability, ethics or morality.

Trump doesn’t want to waste time draining swamps. He wants to be king of the jungle!

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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