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Our way of life is under attack


To The Eagle:

Our way of life is under attack, make no mistake about that. When a major political party such as the Democrats publicly take the side of the Chinese Communists over our own government in regards to the origin and spread of a pandemic that kills 100,000 plus Americans it is hard to believe, but believe it.

The Democrats spend way too much time with the likes of anarchists, socialists, environmental terrorists and just a lot of people that want something for nothing to realize the following facts:

1. Most Americans love their way of life.

2. Most Americans work hard to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

3. Most Americans know their rights and respect the rights of others.

4. Most Americans have faith in a higher power, one not located in Washington DC or Olympia.

5. Most Americans respect and obey the law.

6. Most Americans respect and support our military members, Veterans and first responders.

7. Most Americans don't hate anyone because of their skin color, so the race card game doesn't work anymore.

So sorry to say to the Democrats, no amount of handouts, promises, lies, name calling or ugly labels you Democrats love resorting to, will ever change the fact that most Americans ain't buying what the Democrats are selling.

Our governor has officially shown that he is hell bent on destroying how we provide for our families and communities with his ignorant approach at this late date to reopening our state's businesses and jobs.

If someone spells all the big words for him in a letter of resignation he should sign it and leave.

There are two groups of people protesting Mr. Floyd's death, those that peacefully show their desire for justice, they are to be respected for standing up for what they believe in, but the rioters, looters and those doing harm to others should be treated to whatever force necessary to stop their crimes, up to and including deadly force as a last resort.

I publicly wanted to thank Mr. Howard Brawn for his kind words regarding my past letters to the editor and say that I wish I had his vocabulary to better express myself.

I have not received any debate challenges so maybe the pot shots about my letters will cease.

Paul A. Schreiber



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