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All lives matter


June 11, 2020

To The Eagle:

I believe in my heart and soul that all lives matter. If that makes me a racist to some morons I couldn't care less.

I remember many years ago walking a peaceful protest line outside of a Woolworth Store in New York City because the store served Black customers at the lunch counter on paper plates and Whites on regular dishes. That was despicable in my eyes and I did my part to stop it.

These days that kind of disgraceful action would not be tolerated by anyone of any color, my point being that there has been change for the better. To say there hasn't would be a lie.

So long as it is up to humans there will never come a day when race relations will be perfect. That is because we are not perfect, we all have our own beliefs, biases and yes from time to time lack of understanding of others feelings, but I believe a vast majority of Americans of all races are good decent people that would never deliberately hurt another person.

I grew up on welfare with a Mom and four brothers and sisters, so someone needs to explain what White privilege is to me. I don't remember having it.

I don't hate anyone, I have never discriminated against anyone yet I, as many other descent people, are always lumped by the race card peddlers because we are White. Does that seem like racism to you? It sure does to me.

There are good and decent people of all colors and backgrounds but there are some bad apples of all hues too, welcome to the human race.

I wish people that riot, hurt and loot would pull their head out their backsides and realize no good can come from hurting others. No one can hear your grievances over the noise of the rioting and property damage.

Respect yourself, respect others. It’s not that hard to do.

I wish to thank Rep. Walsh for standing up for us to Governor Inslee to open our state economy. The silence from Rep. Blake and Sen. Takko should be noted by the voters and taxpayers of our county.

Paul Schreiber



Reader Comments(1)

Listen writes:

I don't have the characters to fully explain. We're asking you to listen to us and lend a hand but his post is coming off as, 'We'll I've been wronged too' and 'look what I've done'. I, I, I. Me, Me, Me. You're coming from the right place but going about it incorrectly. If people can't hear the message through the rioting, they're choosing to focus on the wrong thing. These are the problems and have been for hundreds of years. D, In Eugene.


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