We need to vote the left out


To The Eagle:

And now we are forced to witness another massive hysteria brought to us by our leftist media. The awful and destructive riots are meant to demoralize and terrorize our people. How they love to bring their lying and dispiriting ‘news’ to their audience. How they take pleasure in spewing their nasty and grim predictions of doom. Their non-stop contempt for their own country and traditions seems almost overwhelming to us who would be free of them. For those who live in the metropolises, it is getting to be unbearable.

I ask what political party rules over this mess? We all know who. We all know by now that their policies bring only poverty and despair. Why do so many of us still vote for these losers? We know that their designs will bring only division and hate.

We need, as one people to vote them and their enablers out of office. Let us empower ourselves as citizens of the great United States and this state and vote these jackasses out. Vote the left out November 3rd.

Mike Swift



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