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Will fear of the virus bankrupt our lives?


To The Eagle:

About Covid-19, in the USA; with the population of an estimated 330 million; over 2 million got the virus; 118 thousand died and over 873 thousand recovered. The numbers of our loved ones that died are not comforting; this shouldn’t be happening but it did. For coronavirus update, go to

We still have much to learn about the virus but those with a high and mighty attitude telling us to get over it and wear the mask out of protection and respect for others does not swallow well with me. I will not wear a mask and it isn’t for lack of respect. For me, no matter how clean the mask is, it’s dirty; too close to the face. I’m no doctor, but if we don’t have covid inside of us why wear it? If the virus is exposed in the air, we’re already exposed on our clothes, hair and skin. We’ve lost many good doctors and nurses from this virus. Yet they wore masks and protective garments; explain that. I understand and respect those who feel the need to wear masks for protection. We should all be respectful to each other, mask or no mask; whatever helps their comfort zone.

There’s death all around us; flu, heart attack, cancer, drug overdose, accidents, murder, suicide. Tragic as it is and with trying heart, it’s a part of life and life goes on.

I feel this has gotten more about politics and we need to get our life back to the norm as much as we can with ease, common sense and respect. We all know that covid is real but are we going to let this fear of the virus bankrupt our country and our lives?

Toni Below



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