Walsh is a maverick


To The Eagle:

What is a maverick? A maverick is a rogue hero, willing to break away from the norms of doing things, to stand up for what is true and right. In WA state, so many of our legislators are happy to listen to and follow suit with identity politics, cave to peer pressure and pacify extremism that has lead WA state into complete chaos from taxes to education and even property rights. Our politicians hide away in their offices until they are forced in some way to make a public statement to discuss current statewide and nationwide events. I am thankful for a local politician that gets out with the people to break the “social norm” of encouraging ignorance amongst the voting population! One man that stands against the grains and informs the public of what is happening in Olympia and explains current events in laymen terminology, Jim Walsh.

During economic hardship and financial distress throughout our state, we have had to endure the painful silence and lack of accountability from the very politicians who placed us in these difficult situations. Olympia truly has been filled with “Yes Sir” people on both sides of the aisle.

In the face of these fearful times and political corruption, I would like to thank our very own Representative Jim Walsh. He has stayed in close contact with his voters, made daily videos throughout Legislative District 19 to show and inform the insanity we are seeing come from Olympia. He supports tax breaks and tax cuts, to incentivize people to work for their livelihoods and not place their freedoms at the feet of corrupt politicians. From his wild haircut and sometimes untucked shirt, Representative Walsh has been a strong voice for the people and of the people!

Representative Jim Walsh is the maverick of LD 19, and he will continue to stand strong against the bought and paid for politicians and politician wannabes of WA state!

Jessie Westcott

Puget Island


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