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By Meadow Meeder
Healthy Community Specialist 

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Health and wellness certainly have taken on a new shape and form in the past three months, eh? I’ve taken a lot of interest in noticing the daily reminders of how adaptable people truly are. When I take my son to daycare and I see all those little ones wearing masks, its very surreal. The women who run SJFC have done an incredible job at adapting and evolving with the care they provide. Knowing that the kids of today will tell their grandchildren about the Corona Virus pandemic back in 2020, is like something out of a movie. I know masks aren’t comfortable, but I see almost all of you wearing them. I know that social distancing is painful, but I see you all making efforts to keep those around the county feeling safe. That mutual respect, that ability to do something you may not like or agree with- in order to help others feel safe, is powerful. There isn’t a pandemic rule book (yet) but how this county has banded together to take care of each other, is incredible.

Do you remember the RAK’s Jar? The Wahkiakum Random Acts of Kindness Jar has gone virtual. I want to know about the random acts of kindness you have received or given over the course of the past three months. You can submit your RAKs to me at I am compiling all the wonderful pieces of paper with thoughtful acts into a massive collage I received all last year and I would like to add more to it. You can also follow me @bewellwahkiakum on Instagram and leave me comments or messages.

Summer Lunch- If you want to volunteer or need to sign up, you can call me @ 360-751-7149, 8-5 M-Th. This program is going so well, and it is more than just lunch. We’re helping build pantries, making nutritious and delicious meals to eat all week and introducing fresh produce bags into your homes. We deliver or you can pick up, Westend, too. Please don’t hesitate to call and get set up for the rest of summer. Keeping our kids fed is the foundation to a healthy community.

Lock Boxes- I have 90 boxes left and they are available to any home that has both cannabis products and children within. Call me, email me, or grab one from our local cannabis retailers. They are free and they are a great way to safeguard your children from youth cannabis use or accidental ingestion. You are the key.

I wish you all a very fun and safe holiday weekend, please don’t drink and drive. Have fun with your fireworks Wahkiakum, I love seeing everyone doing their own firework show out here. This county rocks. Be well, friends.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” --M.L.K.


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