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Students should be back in school


To The Eagle:

Kids are not very susceptible to corona virus; it doesn’t do them much harm when they do get it, and they’re also not very good at passing it to teachers or other adults -- the exact reverse image of the common flu. Therefore the best and safest place for kids is in school, which allows their parents to go back to being productive citizens. We are now the only country on the planet waffling about opening the schools.

Our Covid-19 data has been scrambled from the very beginning by both the medical bureaucracy and the mainstream media. Many early cases went uncounted, while many deaths were ascribed to the virus when it was only just present, or rumored to be in the ‘hood. In mathematical jive talk, this maximized the de numerator and minimized de denominator, making the death rate seem far higher than it really was. In actuality, the death rate surged to its all-time high on April 11 and then began a steep decline which continues to this day.

In the current resurgence of the virus, many test sites have been caught red-handed exaggerating infection counts, some by a factor of ten (300 sites in Florida and several in Texas). The increase in cases is driven by increased testing, and the death rate continues to decline despite claims to the contrary by the media. The media is using covid-panic hype to fill the void left by the non-reporting of anarchist rioting and destruction going on in Seattle, Portland, and a dozen other major cities, under the false flag of protesting racism and police brutality.

So all the virus turmoil followed by all the rioting and destruction is not so much a medical or social problem as it is a case of PMS (Progressive Marxist Strategy). The aim is to cripple the economy, disrupt families, destroy businesses, and trash law enforcement, in a futile attempt to discredit Donald Trump. ‘Tain’t gonna work, even though they’ve assembled a mighty coalition of the greedy and the gullible to achieve it. We will put a stop to it on November 3 – if we survive that long.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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