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All should try to do a little bit better


To The Eagle:

I am thankful to Olaf Thomason, Sr., and his friends for their service in defending this country from its enemies. I am confused and saddened as well at this gentleman’s reference to the “hate of country as seen in this paper.”

An avid reader myself of this ever interesting opinion section of The Eagle, I have yet to read any commentary expressing hatred of our country. I think perhaps he may be seeing things differently than I.

The strong opinions I have read here are usually politely expressed, and others not so much. Misters Bouchard, Brawn and Schreiber, among others, have gone hammer and tongs over issues important to them, and in my opinion, to this country.

Perhaps the problem is one of ambivalence. People as well countries that we love sometimes do things that are not so lovable at all, like all this rioting. This disappoints and sometimes shocks us.

Yet, when my children acted badly and I reprimanded them for it, I did so not out of hatred, or even anger, but because I loved them. Perhaps the sharp exchanges in this paper regarding this country are not expressions of hatred but rather, love. We express ourselves most strongly over the issues we care most about.

People and countries alike should always try to do a little better, and be blessed for it.

Grace Ling

Puget Island


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