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Think for yourself


August 20, 2020

To The Eagle:

As the November election approaches I would like to encourage everyone, regardless of political affiliation, personal likes and dislikes, race, creed, color, religion, education or upbringing to consider the actual issues facing this country. And not be swayed by all the bad news and noise being sprayed around. Also consider the voting records and actions in the past of the various candidates. Is the person qualified to be in a leadership role for this country?

Have the courage to confront the actual situations this country is faced with right here, right now. Then, decide who is most qualified to lead this country toward being once again productive and self sustaining.

I would like to point out there is little if anything that we need here in this country that we can not produce here in this country.

Especially if we return to a free enterprise system and encourage individuals to be creative in finding better ways to do things and let them reap the rewards for doing so.

Another point I want to communicate. There is, no free lunch! Nothing in life is free. Someone somewhere had to pay for everything that is produced and/or consumed. Wanting something for nothing does not work. So do not be fooled into believing anyone has something “free" to offer you.

And here is a thought to ponder:

What if the government, as an entity, had to be self supporting without being a burden on those they are supposed to be representing? Oh my!

Ben Elkinton



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