A different model for Fall Pledge Drive


August 20, 2020

After closing the station during the Spring Pledge Drive, Membership Director Janet Fryberger, pivoted the messaging and donation to on air and on line, respectively. KMUN is modifying that model for this important fall drive August 17 through September 14.

“I don't have to tell you how crazy the world is these days but, at least at this writing, fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly and KMUN's gotta have a pledge drive and raise $50K,” said Fryberger.

Instead of frequent intervals of KMUN volunteers and staff asking for donations during programs, they're opting for a quieter, gentler Fall Pledge Drive. There will be brief air spots that let listeners know KMUN needs their support but they're short and non-interruptive. They have faith that their listeners will answer the request.

KMUN and KCPB have been hit hard by losses in underwriting and anticipates further losses. Yet they expanded their news team from one part-time staff member to one full and one part-time reporter. Quite a bit of equipment was purchased in order for DJs to record their programs at home. They need your support to continue the vital work they’re doing; providing news and public affairs, music and entertainment.

They ask that listeners donate online at coastradio.org or send a check to KMUN, PO Box 269, Astoria, OR 97103. Or set up Bill Pay with your bank. You may also call during business hours (503-325-0010) but know that your call may not be answered quickly. Or write Janet at membership@coastradio.org.


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