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August 20, 2020

Give Me Your Input

I have often been approached by readers of The Wahkiakum County Eagle who have ideas for stories, some of which in no way, shape, or form can I print. I do not usually have trouble getting the stories of interest to the readers of The Eagle. My goal has been to bring the readers stories of public interest that are of a historical nature of the area where we reside. I also like to bring stories that are either educational or entertaining.

My goal is to become the historical authority on the history of the area. I understand that this is a tall order; however, the readers have been very gracious to me in this endeavor by their help in clarifying many historical essays to me via e-mail. With that in mind, I would like to know what the readers would like to know about from the following titles of planned stories that will possibly be in future editions of The Eagle. Most of the stories are true from real life experiences.

Here is a short list of potential stories to choose from and the list gets longer: Dancing with Elephants on Ice; Floating Butterflies; The Monkey Has My Wallet; Three Cheers for Blackberries. These are but a few of the gems I have been saving for the right moment, but I would like to hear from you, the readers, to choose the story. Send me your choice by e-mail or another choice for a story. Send your suggestions to me at Please give me your input.

Westend News

The Appelo Archives Center, located at 1056 State Route 4 in Naselle, has been open the last couple of months with a new director. They are open Thursday-Saturday 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. The good news is the cafe is open and they are now offering fresh homemade pastries and breakfast items! They also have Finnish pulla (cardamom) bread and korvapuusti (cinnamon rolls). They will offer a weekly quiche. I will interview the new director in the coming week and inform Eagle readers of the changes and plans for the future of the Appelo Archives Center.

In compliance with health and safety policies by the governor, they request that you please wear a mask. Stop in and read the newspaper while you sip your coffee or tea and visit with friends and neighbors, or explore the museum and learn about the area at our visitors center. This is the perfect place to meet for bicycling clubs, book clubs, or knitting groups. If you are going on a hike or bike ride, they will fill your water bottles before heading out. For any questions call 360-484-7103 or e-mail at

Pepper Has a Sense of Humor

Those of you who have been following my weekly column might find amusement in the antics of Pepper, my European Shorthair cat. As I have mentioned before about the importance of cats in the county, I had also noted their unusual behavior such as coming into the house to use the litter box instead of going outside. I have watched her stalk mice and moles to the extent that she will literally sit in front of a mole hill and wait for a mole to come out. She will even go to great lengths to get the mole by trying to dig them out. One day she was stalking a mole and surreptitiously approached his mound and waited. After about five minutes or so she appeared to be agitated by the mole not coming out so she began to dig him out. After quite a lot of digging and no mole in sight she got frustrated and turned around and squatted over the mole hill hole and deposited a gift the mole did not ask for. If the mole was in there, I’m sure he was as surprised as I was. Odd as it is and there was more than one witness to this odd cat’s behavior that goes to show that Pepper has a sense of humor.


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