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Where's Jaime?

To The Eagle:

Did you know Jaime Herrera Beutler voted to end Medicare and replace it with a private voucher system? She also voted multiple times to end the Affordable Care Act (which covers pre-existing conditions) and replace it. Replace it with what? No one knows.

I’d like to hear Jaime’s response. I’d like to ask her questions face-to-face and get an immediate answer. In her 10 years in office, I’ve never seen her. She’s never held an in-person town hall in our area and many citizens in Clark, Pacific, Skamania and Klickitat counties are asking the same thing – where is she? Why is she hiding? People who hide from questions, do so because they don’t have the answers or are disinterested. She cannot represent her voters by being indifferent to their concerns. It’s time for change!

I’ve personally met with Carolyn Long. In one year she held 40 in-person town halls. She listens. She’s informed. She’s focused and ready to work for all of us. Vote.

Sandra Davis



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