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Who will save us?


September 3, 2020

To The Eagle:

I can’t sit back without challenging these lies we witness on news outlets. The socialists/communists are openly peddling their propaganda. Have we forgotten the sacrifices and tears shed for our freedom?

I am the daughter of European immigrants who had a front row seat to the atrocities of WWII and Communist Russia. As a child I listened to the stories of loss and heartbreak of my parents, grandparents, and their friends who gratefully found their way to this blessed land. My husband’s parents spent years in prison camps thanks to Hitler and the good people of Germany who saw the danger in socialism but said nothing.

The following is from the socialist/communist playbook- every word was explained to me in detail by the people who lived it:

There is no God. Any religion is viewed as an obstacle. Religious people will not lie or steal on command or participate in genocide. What communists want is hate.

Do you see the real motivation for Antifa and BLM? Look them up, they are not hiding who they are, and why are these Democratic governors and mayors doing nothing as their people die and their cities burn?

There is no family. In 1919, Russia made women the property of the nation. Then they declared that there was no such thing as a woman being violated by a man. If she got pregnant, the baby was raised in horrible state daycares- most died. The ones who survived grew up so damaged they became useful psychopaths in the communist/fascist quest for world dominance.

There is no private property. Prepare to lose your home to someone, “more worthy.” The playbook requires the elimination of history- thus the attack on statues.

In communism the code is, “No morals at all.” “The end justifies the means.” Sound familiar? This is the real reason for the attack on our law enforcement.

Initially, the German people ignored the socialists/extremists and went about their lives. With their silence, they lost their freedom, and it was America that saved them. If we remain silent, who will save us?

Lily Kolditz



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