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Writer: Calumny, no; opprobium, yes


September 3, 2020

To The Eagle:

Let’s get the crap shoveled out of the way first. A contributor last week suggested that I have employed calumny--falsification or misrepresentation intended to disparage or discredit another--in my opinion letters.

I don’t do falsification or fabrication, unlike that well documented pathological liar in the White House. I do well getting my point across without resorting to lies. Peddle your scurrilous innuendos elsewhere, sir.

That I tend toward opprobrium was also mentioned by that author and is correct. I consistently criticize, vilify, condemn, censure and ridicule Trump’s detestable public behavior that illustrates his nefarious character. No one should be surprised that I look askance at his supporters.

Trump has built a palace of lies where bad is good, black is white and every objective fact uncomplimentary or inconvenient to him is fake news. From this fabricated perch, he seeks to dupe America for four more years. Nor can Trump’s lies of omission be indefinitely excused.

His refusal to even mention the gravity of the social justice issues citizens are protesting about in the streets, his inability or unwillingness to publicly discuss and address possible solutions, his use of the presidential pulpit to foment discord instead of urging calm, is a denial of any hope of reform to America’s alienated minorities. These are acts of a coward and closet racist.

Hoping that fear can drive white suburban swing voters into his camp, Trump is rooting for more violence. The irony is too rich: Trump claiming that to vote for Biden is to invite the creation of a violent and unsafe America, as we live through the days of protests, rage and violence that Trump and his Republican accomplices have diligently cultivated during the last four years.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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