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A few comments about last week's letters


September 10, 2020

To The Eagle:

I am thrilled, as are many working parents, that our schools are beginning to open, even partially.

Frederick Lehr wrote in effect we should feel bad because we don't want everyone in the world coming into our country illegally. Thereby being a burden on our schools, our health care system, our safety, crashing our economy and most important destroying our way of life. A country without borders won't be a country for long.

James Roberts’ letter stated there are just a few people in our county that can even think. I hope he didn't include himself in that few that he says can think.

JB Bouchard, wow, where did he come up with some of those words he used in his letter? The letter made no sense to me so I got out my dictionary and looked up those words. Guess what? His letter still made no sense but at least he is consistent.

Lily Kolditz’s letter was touching. In a few words she was able to tell the story that is America. How you can make a life for yourself and family by going to work, obeying the law and not being a burden on society simply by coming here through our generous legal immigration policy.

A vaccine is coming, thank God. There are so many people that do incredible things everyday in medicine, technology and just going to work daily to keep food, fuel, mail and all the things we need to live our lives available to us. I am proud to be a very small part of the human race. Still waiting to debate any of the liberal geniuses in town.

Paul Schreiber



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