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An endorsement of Blake and Takko


September 10, 2020

To The Eagle:

I come from one of the older families in Wahkiakum County. Over the past 150 years my extended family has participated in all three natural-resource-based occupations, fishing, farming and logging. I’d like to offer a perspective on the upcoming election that I hope will be helpful for our county.

Wahkiakum County and the 19th District have a large stake in the health of natural-resource-based industries. They provide jobs, and also tax revenues that support fire and ambulance services and other necessary functions. I am assessing the various candidates by scrutinizing who has the best knowledge and experience in these industries. We are all aware of the rural/urban divide that has proven so difficult to overcome. I have witnessed Rep. Brian Blake and Sen. Dean Takko working across the aisle to make progress in that arena. They are life-long residents of the district. Both have experience in natural resource-based industries and educational backgrounds suited to their positions.

Rep. Brian Blake’s is Chair of the House Rural Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. Senator Takko is Chair of the Senate Local Government Committee. It is very unusual for one district to have a team of two committee chairs, especially committees so strategically important for us. In my experience, they have made sincere efforts to attend meetings locally and be accessible to their constituents. They have done a good job for the rural side of that rural/urban divide, and I urge their re-election. A freshman legislator in a minority party stands little chance of successfully representing vital rural interests under today’s conditions.

I have nothing against other candidates running for office. I commend them for their interest in public service and hope they will find ways to serve in other local governmental offices. But I believe Rep. Brian Blake and Sen. Dean Takko will best serve our interests in Olympia and recommend them. Thank you.


Kent Martin



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