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We have a republic, if we can keep it


September 10, 2020

To The Eagle:

A Republic. If we can keep it.

Sadly we have way too many angry idiots rioting, where peaceful protests used to exist. That I fear, will play right into Trump’s law and order theme. Fascism always starts with dire warnings of anarchy, disorder, lawlessness, and danger that only violent nationalist authority can protect you from. Then, when citizens rise up in protest of oppression, fascism names that terrorism and calls for law and order to justify the boot on your throat.

Trump’s transgressions toward our democracy are so glaring, unapologetic in your face, that many on the right seem to be okay with it, no hiding it: Seeking political dirt from other countries; admitting he did-would do so; perhaps getting hints and help from Putin; continually calling any bad press fake news, even FOX, when they told the truth; continually bad mouthing our most prized right to a fair election; continually saying elections will be rigged and fraudulent (called brainwashing.) He even established a committee to find voter fraud, which after a couple of years, found none, his own people. He calls voting by mail a recipe for fraud and rigging elections, though he and his cabinet all vote by mail. Then he puts his man in charge of the post office, who immediately kneecaps the post office. Now his yes man will no longer give briefings on concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election with an intelligence official warning earlier this month that Russia, China and Iran are all seeking to interfere in the presidential contest this fall.

All the acting heads of departments and his own fixer, William Barr, bowing to the emperor, showed brightly as Trump in pomp and circumstance, in my opinion, soiled the White House, with his use of the people's house for his political line.

Poul Toftemark



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