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Doomsday scenario based on calumny


September 17, 2020

To The Eagle:

The chilly feeling in your bones right now is as close as you’ll get to anthropogenic climate change, and what you’re seeing out the window and hearing on the air is a “lite” iteration of the biblical concept of Armageddon. The temperature this past weekend would have been in the nineties but for the smoke blocking out the sun (called “nuclear winter” by the anti-nuke crowd, and same phenomenon that dispatched the dinosaurs). The smoke is from fires caused by state and federal mismanagement of forests, helped along in California by Santa Ana winds generated by arctic air masses invading the Great Basin. The origin of many of the fires has been arson; multiple arrests have been made.

Public safety has been further reduced by rolling blackouts caused by power shortages induced by reckless closures of fossil fuel power plants plus precautionary shutoffs by power companies to avoid sparking more fires in our tinderbox forests. All of this has caused a massive rollout of firefighters, national guard, and police – turning in a stellar performance despite being maligned by the Democrats, attacked by Antifa and BLM, and hampered by inept leftist governors, mayors, and city councils.

This whole doomsday scenario is based on calumny: lies about climate, police, racism, economics, education, energy, and history, all promulgated by the Marxist/socialist cabal that has subsumed the Democrat party. So we stick by our guns on the calumny charge that was so strenuously objected to in these pages two weeks ago. It could in fact be euphoniously improved: how about “meretricious Marxist mendacity?”

We will stop the apocalypse by supporting Trump and his down-ballot allies on November 3, but it appears the militant Marxists are gonna wreak as much havoc as possible before we get there.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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